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Moving Already

I am in the process of moving the site to a self-hosted WordPress blog at www.themadmoonkin.com


Once my domain is accessible I’ll set up the blog there, and transfer over the posts I’ve already posted here in the last few days.  Please bookmark it and check it regularly!

Moonkin Firelands Guide

Please check out the page I submitted in my page bar at the top of the site to see my guide for balance druids on the Firelands bosses for 10man normal modes.  It will be updated with heroic modes eventually, and hopefully updated to reflect the most recent instance with the onset of new tiers.

Update: I have added pictures and a “loot of interest” section under each boss, highlighting what pieces a balance druid might want off of each boss.

Second highest DPS? And should we be asking for another cooldown?

Second highest DPS this tier

So…balance druids, as indicated in this post on MMO-Champion from last week, have the second highest DPS on average so far this tier.  It is my opinion, as well as many others’, that this is at least partially attributable to our reliance on DoTs for DPS (most of the top rated DPS are DoT-based classes) and the padding of meters on some multi-DoTing fights.  That being said, there is a general consensus that our play-style has become very complex, with a lot of questions and variables we must consider on-the-fly.  Because of this level of variability, only the very skilled balance druids can accomplish DPS at these levels with any degree of consistency.

The question becomes: is our rotation/priority system too complex for the average Joe Schmo laser chicken? Do similarly geared/skilled mages do comparable DPS to these more average players? Or are only those of us who can very accurately determine when to refresh DoTs, when to clip DoTs, when to extend eclipses, when to pop trees/starfall, etc. capable of Continue reading

Introduction & Goals

Hi all, my name is Titnichal and I’m a balance Druid on US-Scilla, alliance side with a focus on endgame raiding. Welcome to my balance druid blog!

Let’s start with a little bit of history about myself and my WoW career… I’ve been playing the game since shortly after release, with breaks here and there when real life rears its horns. My Druid was my first toon but I stopped leveling him during vanilla and leveled my paladin up to 60. I raided all of vanilla on him, then switched back to my laser chicken once TBC was released. I was specced balance for leveling, and have maintained that as my primary spec ever since (usually with a resto offspec).

I’ve been a long-time follower of fellow moonkin like Graylo over at Gray Matter, Hamlet at Elitist Jerks, Lissanna at Restokin, and various forums and blogs relating to moonkin and Druids in general. I also enjoyed Relevart’s and Quith’s blogs as well, but as I’m sure most of you know they no longer play and/or write. I am extremely excited to start this blog, because when I’m not killing Continue reading